Christmas dinner around the world

Christmas is close and soon almost everyone will prepare a traditional dinner. It is not only gifts that excites many people at christmas time it is also very much the food. This article will bring you some inspiration of different traditional food that often is eaten at christmas. Bon appetit!

American christmas dinner

A typical christmas dinner the American way persists of: Mashed potatoes,roasted root vegetables as a side dish, gravy, and the masterpiece being a stuffed roasted fowl (turkey, pheasant, duck or goose) or perhaps a very good piece of roasted beef.

This can, of course, come in vary ways and people also eat sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce, beans and roasted brussels sprouts. If you need to get inspired there are lots of great christmas recipes here.

Scandinavian christmas dinner

If you want to try something a bit different without going completely bananas the Scandinavian way might be a good solution. Here you typically find glassed ham, poultry (duck, goose or turkey), roasted pork, potatoes both boiled and sugar roasted together with brown sauce and chips.

The dessert is often Ris ala mande, which is boiled rice in whipped cream with vanilla and pieces of chopped almonds. This is not only a dish but also a game as ther dish contains one whole almond and the one who gets this also gets a little present. How nice!

Philippines christmas dinner

In the more exotic part of the world, the Philippines, they also celebrate christmas with a festive meal. This meal is referred to as Noche Buena. Here you eat a dinner with ham (a cured leg of pork), queso de bola (a ball of edam cheese) and pasta. For dessert you typically serve a fruit salad.

To accompany this you server hot cocoa made from locally fresh green cacao beans.

Christmas dinner in the U.K.

In the United Kingdom christmas dinner is usually eaten in the afternoon on the 25th of December. Here it is served goose or turkey, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, yorkshire pudding, vegetables and mashed potatoes. For desert you get Christmas pudding which is made of dried fruit and eggs and suet. In some parts yule log is also quit popular.

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